Yeast Face Mask – Young and Healthy Looking Skin!

face mask with yeastEach woman wants to look in the mirror and enjoying her appearance and beautiful skin. Skin care should be important and it would be very good if it includes commercial cosmetics, but also home-made. The more we pamper your skin, the better it will look.

Yeast facial mask gives you wonderful effect. Yeast can be used for any skin type and to solve different problems by adding various ingredients. It can be used to refine and improve the appearance of the skin, as it contains many useful elements.

A powerful boost of B complex vitamins will make miracle to your skin by increasing blood circulation and normalize metabolic processes. Also, yeast contains amino acids and antioxidants that help to restore the synthesis of elastin and collagen, restoring the skin radiance and elasticity. Minerals and vitamins PP, H, E help to nourish the skin and make it resistant to external influences.

Facial masks from yeast

Vitamins Yeast Face Mask

This is a versatile mask that with the right mix of components would give your skin a healthy look, ensure the normal functioning of the sebaceous glands and slow the aging process.

The mask is very simple to make and the ingredients could be change as needed. The base for the mask are yeast and the fruit’s or berries’ juice. You can mix the yeast with cranberry juice, grapefruit juice, currant, lemon and apply to skin for 20 minutes. It’s like a vitamin mix for the skin and it will become fresh and radiant.

“Complex” yeast mask for face

Dissolve one tablespoon of yeast in warm milk and mix it with one tablespoon of olive oil, one tablespoon of flour, a raw egg and one teaspoon of honey.

This mask is purifying and its effect can be compared to the scrub. It helps to get rid of blackheads, inflammations and irritations. Plus, of course, your skin receives a lot of nutrients.

You can just dissolve the yeast in the milk. This mask is very simple, but very useful as well.

Facial masks from yeast for dry skin

Universal remedy for dry skin is yeast, plus vegetable oil.

To make the simplest mask is enough to mix one tablespoon of yeast with three tablespoons of vegetable oil.

For a more noticeable effect, you can mix one tablespoon of cream or sour cream with 20 grams of yeast. Add one teaspoon of honey and olive oil.

To rejuvenate skin you can mix the sour cream and the yeast and add the liquid forms of vitamins A or E.

Facial masks from yeast for oily skin

Cultured milk mask will help to improve the appearance of the skin and also dry it up a bit. Mix one tablespoon of yeast in warm yogurt with one tablespoon of low-fat sour cream.

Protein mask with lemon is an excellent remedy for blackheads and pimples. One tablespoon of yeast mix with egg white and add one tsp of lemon juice.

Drying and whitening mask is made from yeast and milk (one tablespoon) and 3 % hydrogen peroxide (dissolved to the consistency of sour cream). Apply for 15-20 minutes and if you get unpleasant sensations remove after 10 minutes. The peroxide can be replaced by sauerkraut juice or lemon juice.

Yeast facial mask is a truly wonderful tool, just the wonder for our skin. It is easy to prepare and it gives consistently good results.

Skin gets tired of the different chemicals that we use in creams and cosmetics. Let it relax under the yeast mask, natural and filled with nutrients. The skin will be very grateful and will respond with freshness, health and radiance!

But if additionally, correct skin care, you’ll also do exercises for the face, you will always look young and beautiful. Suggest you learn the exercises for the face together with coach M. Levchenko, having its ten free lessons Here. For elasticity and youth of face you just need to do the exercises for 10 – 15 minutes a day!

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How to take care of your face skin – a complete step by step guide

taking care of oily skinMakeup adorns a woman and makes it brighter, but even the most flawless makeup cannot hide skin imperfections. And to ensure that the skin has a healthy appearance, we need to properly and carefully look after it. The most important indicator of a beauty – it is well maintained skin, and just the right daily skin care routine will help you always look perfect.

Makeup looks much better on the healthy skin. Our step by step guide will teach you how to properly take care of the skin, in order to always look perfect.

Step one. Determine your skin type.

In order to carry out the correct skin care procedures we should first find out your skin type. If you have oily skin on the face, you should not over-treat it, and if you have dry skin type, it should not be over dry by different masks and tonics.

Dry skin at a young age is very delicate and beautiful: no pimples, blackheads or enlarged pores. But with age, dry skin tend to lack moisture and nutrition, and it quickly fade out if not nourished. Dry skin is very sensitive; it is prone to flaking and irritation.

Oily skin is very different from the dry one. It is denser, rougher, and prone to dilated pores. Big advantage of oily skin in that it produces a protective film by itself, and therefore, better than other skin type protected from environmental influences. Oily skin, in contrast to the dry one, aging more slowly, but due to excessive sebum on oily skin acne appears more often. Enlarged pores do not look aesthetically pleasing. But if you would properly take care of such skin, it can get clean and smooth appearance.

Combination skin type at first glance seems normal. Nose and forehead are more oily than the rest of the face and the cheeks may even be prone to dryness.

Normal skin in adults is rare. It is smooth, soft and elastic. There is no excessive oil or dryness.

Step Two. Learning how to perform daily facial skin care.

Having defined the skin type, it is desirable to purchase cosmetics for your particular skin type. It is best to avoid cosmetics with a label “for all skin types”. They could of good quality, but in order to nourish your skin correctly you should treat it with selected type. Basic skin care treatments are the same – a makeup remover (wash face with soap is not recommended because it contains alkaline and disturbs the natural balance of the skin), tonic, day and night cream, eye cream, mask and scrub.

Creams should be divided into daily and nightly, because they have a completely different purpose and function. Day cream forms a protective layer on the skin to shield our skin from the harmful effects of the environment, and the night cream should be more active at night because our skin is more receptive to treatment. Night cream should contain a lot of nutrients and vitamins.

How to take care of dry skin.

taking care of dry skinTo cleanse dry skin, it is desirable to use fatty milk. It suffices to use it once a day, in the evening. In the morning, rinse your face with water. Tonic for dry skin should not contain alcohol. It should be a soft lotion with nourishing and moisturizing agents. You can prepare such tonic yourself.

Softening tonic for dry skin:
One tablespoon of green tea to brew in hot mineral water, add linden (flowers), let stand for two hours, strain and refrigerate. Green tea is rich in vitamins and antioxidants, and linden flowers have a soothing and softening properties.

Creams for dry skin in addition to moisturizing agents must contain nutrients, because care for dry skin includes an active nutrition and hydration. Day cream should protect skin from ultraviolet light. Night cream should be nutritious and restorative.
Eye creams should be used when we see first wrinkles.
Exfoliants should not be abused. Instead, it is desirable to buy a gentle scrub. They are designed for sensitive skin. Apply it once a week.
Nourishing and moisturizing masks can be done two or three times a week. Its better to mix home-made masks with commercial ones. Sour cream, honey, olive oil is well suited for such masks.

How to take care of oily skin.

Cleansing – is the foundation of taking care of oily skin. Shines and excessive sebum are the main problem. Washing gel with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agents is best suited for this job. Wash your face with this gel in the morning, and in the evening. Tonic should contain alcohol and anti-inflammatory agents and tightens pores. You can make cleansing tonic yourself:

Cleansing tonic for oily skin:

Brew one tablespoon of calendula in hot mineral water (one glass), drain, add one teaspoon of lemon juice and vodka. Keep refrigerated.

Eye cream should be applied at the first sight of wrinkles because the skin under the eyes is four times thinner than the rest skin on the face. Scrub for oily skin is a must, it should be applied two to three times a week.
You should apply cleansing and anti-inflammatory masks two to three times a week. You can use yeast face mask as a home-treatment for oily skin, it contains vitamins B, which are very useful for oily skin. Dissolve dry yeast in hydrogen peroxide, apply this mask for 20 minutes.

How to take care of mixed skin type.

To take care of mixed skin type is best to use cosmetics/treatments that are easily washed with water. If the T-zone is too oily, then you should wash it in the morning and in the evening, and in the case if its not so oily then thorough evening cleaning should be enough. Tonic should only be used on the middle part of the face where there is an excess sebum and shine. You can prepare home-made tonic yourself:

Tonic for mixed skin type:
Brew green tea (1 table spoon) in one cup of hot mineral water and add lemon juice. Green tea will give the skin the necessary vitamins and lemon would constrict pores where it is needed.

You should purchase creams that a specifically designed for mixed type of skin, they contain a lot of moisturiser, but not too much oily components. If, for example, T-zone skin is too oily and neck and cheeks are prone to dryness, then it is best to purchase two different creams for these areas.
Eye cream for any skin type is used at the first sight of wrinkles, normally after 25 years old.
For mixed skin type exfoliation should be used twice a week.
Apply different masks for each face area separately.

Step Three. Additional rules for skin care.

You have learned how to take proper care of each skin type, but beyond that there are still important rules for skin care. It is advisable to read them carefully and remember.

Five important additional tips:

Never go to bed without cleaning up makeup from your face.

Even if you use a very expensive and good quality makeup, clean skin care should be your top priority. Also, do not forget to put on the night nourishing cream. Day cream must contain filters that defend the skin from ultraviolet radiation; it will protect the skin from premature aging.

Do not use bioactive creams and anti-wrinkle creams, unless it is absolutely necessary. Use specific cream designed for each age group. Active creams should be applied only after forty years. Good cosmetic companies manufacture creams, specifically suitable for individual age groups and skin type. Day moisturizing cream is best to apply to dry skin and nourishing night cream right after shower.

Use natural organic vegetables, fruits and berries as often as you can.

Try to get enough sleep. Good to accustom yourself to go to bed early and also wake up yearly. Do not overlook importance of good vitamin and minerals balance, lack of vitamins and minerals is very unhealthy to the skin and hair. We are hoping that our step by step guide will help you to take a good care of your skin.


How to treat sunburn on face

face sunburnSummer! How many beautiful and warm associations are in this word. And no wonder, summer is one of the most wonderful times of the year. And certainly many when speaking of summer, imagine the sea, sun, beach, and other attributes of the summer holidays.
We are eager to put on the most perfect skin tan during holidays.

It is assumed that tanned skin is beautiful, fashionable and sexy. Indeed, the smooth, beautiful and light tan can give a special glamor appearance.
But there are a large number of people coming to vacation who want to get instant bronze tan instantly. The very first thing they go to the beach and expose their light skin to a bright and scorching rays of the sun, in anticipation of the expected effect.
Instead of tanned skin they get painful and unpleasant sunburns but the most unpleasant thing is, of course, sunburned face.

Sunburns can have different degrees: from light, accompanied by reddening of the skin, to severe burns when blisters and bubbles are formed on the skin. In the second case, we recommend without delay immediately seek medical assistance. In the first case, you can try to treat yourself at home using natural remedies to get rid of sunburned face.

When you have a burned face, the first thing that we recommend to do is to lower the heat by applying cold water compress. This will significantly reduce the likelihood of damage to the skin.
Remember, during severe sunburn face, never lubricate the skin with oily substances (vegetable oils, vaseline, etc.). This can further increase the heat and lead to skin infection by bacteria at its affected areas.
You can lubricate the skin with a small amount of vaseline only after mild sunburns, when the skin is almost healed.

How to treat face sunburn naturally

If you burned face on the sun the most common traditional remedies are the sour cream, yogurt and whey. It is recommended to use a sour cream for a dry skin type, and whey and yogurt for oily skin. Just lubricate with one of the listed products, but keep in mind that such a mask should not dry out on the face.

As soon as you feel that yogurt or sour cream started to dry out, immediately remove it with a damp cotton ball and then apply a new fresh coat. For better results you should cool down sour cream, yogurt or whey before use in the freezer.

Equally effective remedy for sunburn face is raw and cold egg white, which helps to remove heat and eliminate pain. It is recommended to use it if your skin is more prone to oily type.

How to use an egg white:

  • Just apply a thing amount to damaged skin, and remove with a cotton swab dipped in cold water as soon as it starts to dry out on the face.

When you have a sun-burned face, it is always accompanied by unpleasant and painful sensations. Ordinary oatmeal will help to soothe the skin.

  • Pour a handful of lightly crushed flakes with cold water to form a slurry and apply it on the face. Once the oatmeal mask starts to dry, remove it with cool wet swab and apply the next layer.
  • For compresses to sunburned face, you can prepare it with oatmeal powder: Dissolve in 1 cup of warm water 1 tbsp. of oatmeal, and then cool it in the freezer. Before use, you can add a couple of ice cubes.

One more traditional remedy that can help in mild stages of sunburned face: raw potatoes and cucumber. Just put on the face cucumber slices or peeled raw potatoes (for best results cool them down in the freezer or cold water).

Cold compresses of lightly brewed black and green tea  are also a good remedy for sunburns.

What else can be advised to reduce fever and pain in a cases of sun burned face is to take antipyretic and analgesic tablets. For example, aspirin and anlagen.

And remember, if your skin is naturally very light and often burns than sunbathing, try to sunbathe only in safe times of the day. It is from 7-8 am, and up to 11 am, and then only after 16 pm. Try not to expose your face too much to the sun.

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How to get rid of old stretch marks

body stretch marksOld stretch marks could be difficult to remove yourself. They often occur during pregnancy, and sometimes it happens with a very rapid weight loss. Stretch marks can be effectively removed by the following set of procedures.


First of all, change lifestyle, move more, do not overuse products containing a lot of carbohydrates, take vitamins and minerals. The skin needs a good tone and care, so it is necessary to moisturize and nourish.

Contact the beauty salon. Mesotherapy and peeling have been known as proven method to get rid of stretch marks on your skin. Laser peels more gentle than chemical; it can make the process of removal blemishes painless and effective. A thin laser beam is strictly controls the depth of penetration to stretch marks, so the result is a smooth and clean skin.

Chemical peeling – this could be very painful procedure. To remove the long-standing stretch Estheticians use an acid, which can burn the deep layer of the epidermis. This procedure should only be done by qualified professional as the acid itself is very toxic. Therefore, it’s not necessary to put yourself at risk; there are more gentle methods of getting rid of stretch marks.

Try mesotherapy. Mesotherapy is the gentlest way to remove stretch marks on the body. Problem areas are treated with special injections that accumulate in the skin, so the effect is gradual. In addition, there are special mesotherapy mixtures that eliminate stretch marks, improve skin elasticity and overall skin condition.

If nothing can help to achieve the desired result consult a plastic surgeon. Professional cosmetic surgeon can remove the flap of skin with the existing stretch marks. If it’s done by qualified doctor, the success is guaranteed. You can get rid of only fresh stretch marks at home; any older skin defects would be very difficult to remove yourself without professional assistance.

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10 Hints to Keep Your Face Skin Clean

Clean Face Hints

  1. Shower every single day. When you are in the shower scrub your face gently and apply a moisturizer after
  2. After the shower, lie down and lay a hot towel over your face for extra softness. Add moisturizing lotion for even more softness.
  3. Tea tree oil works on spots. Apply it at night and in the morning to your pimples and you would barely notice them.
  4. Cut thing slice of lemon and apply it onto your face, neck and chin. Next, mash avocado with milk and honey up to use as a face mask.
  5. You may wish to use a blackhead cleanser if regular face washing doesn’t do the job.
  6. Make a routine to exfoliate 2-3 times a week. You can buy an exfoliator or you can save cash by making your own with granulated sugar and water!
  7. To avoid damaging your skin – do not put on a lot of pressure when exfoliating.
  8. Have two different towels for your face and body.
  9. Wash skin under the eye with cold water.
  10. There is less chance that oil and soil will transfer to your face if your hair is clean.
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