Black acne – How to deal with it

Deal With Black AcneAcne is a skin condition that causes serious problems to a lot of people. It not only affects your look but also your self-esteem. But the regular acne which affects your appearance is not deadly as one of its types – black acne.

Black acne is by far the worst kind of acne and it’s prevalent even among adults who’ve passed their puberty. The regular acne only tends to persist with certain people. It naturally goes away with time.

However, it isn’t the case with black acne. Black acne is quite subtle and tends to stay on for a very long time. Regular acne treatment methods aren’t effective for dealing with black acne. If you’ve never had blackheads before and have had them for the first time, it’s an indication that you might suffer from an acne breakout.

Black acne is commonly found in the nose where the largest number of sebaceous glands exists. Clogging of pores near the sebaceous glands makes your nose (the external skin layer) a favorable breeding ground for growth of bacteria which in turn leads to black heads.

Unlike normal acne that only affects your appearance, the effects of black acne are far worse.

Here are some facts about black acne…

  • Appears invisible from a distance
  • Emits a foul odor
  • Looks nasty when seen closely
  • Can be troublesome when you’re kissing someone you like
  • Could lead to sinusitis

Unlike normal acne, there are not so many treatment methods for blackhead. Drugs and other skin care products do little or nothing to help black acne. Making changes to your lifestyle (improving your diet, reducing stress, etc) could help cure blackheads. But you can’t be sure of it.

In a lot of cases, lifestyle changes help successfully eliminate regular acne. However, with black acne, most of these treatment methods never seem to work. According to clinicians and dermatologist, the most effective way to deal with blackheads is by making a visit to the beauty parlor.

A facial after a fresh steam wash helps clear out the pores and kill the bacteria present. Almost all the blackheads are wiped out in just one session.

You may be required to visit again after a certain period of time (if the condition returns). But it’s certainly the fastest and the most effective way to deal with black acne.